Laser Hair Removal


Everybody hates the growth of hair in unwanted places. Especially women, it is literally a pain to keep waxing every now and then just to remove hair that is going to grow again. It is for this very reason that people now a days are opting for the laser hair removal treatment.

How does Laser hair treatment work?

Usual treatments to remove unwanted hair only target the hair that is above the surface of the skin. When this is removed, the hair follicle remains intact and just makes new hair fibres after a few weeks. This is where the laser treatment is better. The laser treatment targets the root problem of hair growth, the actual root of the hair that we call follicle. It ensures that new hair cannot be grown in the same place again. The laser is a highly precision medical instrument. And for this reason, it should be operated only by certified doctors and professionals who know exactly what they are doing. A large number of these professionals are available in Dr Hair India. The laser device sends a highly concentrated beam of light into the hair follicles. This beam of light is absorbed by the pigments present in the hair follicle and that results in destruction of the hair permanently.

Is laser hair treatment safe?

Yes, laser hair treatment Is very safe when carried out by the right professionals. There will be little to no pain during the procedure itself. A cold gel will be applied to the skin that will help the light from the laser to penetrate into your skin. The operator on the machine will set the laser light to the specifics that are suitable to your skin type and skin colour and then give some sample pulses to check for any negative reactions. Once there are no adverse reactions, the procedure is continued. You will usually have to use an ice pack or an anti inflammatory to reduce the swelling in the area for some days after the procedure.

Laser hair treatment is safe and effective to remove unwanted hair. It is also a cost-effective method which is preferred over other methods that are available in the market.