Follicular unit transplantation

FUT (follicular unit transfer) is also known as strip procedure. This is a procedure done only in cases with large baldness patches. It provides long term effects as well as a natural look. In one session it provides the most natural look possible. It provides a faster extraction rate of grafts in a given time. It causes the least damage to the scalp when compared to other methods. It can also be considered as the art of hair restoration technique.

In this technique, first a donor part is selected, where susceptibility to baldness. And also, where the density of hair is high and even quality of the follicle present should be good. The care is taken that even that donor can also be covered by the hair present around so that the scar is not visible.

Then donor part is marked in the form of a strip, which is then anesthetized. After the complete anesthetization of the scalp, the doctor initiates the removal of the tissues in the form of a strip from the donor area (the permanent zone of the hair follicle which was previously marked as donor strip). By limiting the width of the strip to be taken and avoiding tension on the wound, the surgeon can minimize the donor scar. Later the donor strip is broken down into a number of small- small fragments with the help of a technique called microscopic detection.

In follicular unit Treatment method, the natural follicular unit containing 1-4 hairs is then carefully separated from the strip in the natural form of groups. Then these Extracted follicular graft units are then capsulated in moderate conditions, where it is kept safe. These follicular graft units are then examined and prepared for implantation. These follicular graft units are then arranged according to the number of hair present in each unit. Then these follicular graft units stored and isolated safely till the recipient site is ready.

Doctor with the help of fine instruments the size of 19- gauge hypodermic needle starts making tiny holes in the patient’s scalp, and hence the recipient sites are created. The recipient sites must be made to parallel the direction the hair grows out of your scalp. This determines much of the aesthetic look of the Treatment.

In the whole process of successful hair Treatment procedure the important part which uses to differentiate it from other treatments of hair transplant is that in such a process very few scars are seen on the donor’s area.

To conclude we can say that Follicular Unit Treatmentation use to give an effective outcome. This method is also known as strip method which gives a great opportunity of harvesting and Treatment great amount of grafts and the chances of wasting of follicular units are very limited.