Direct hair implantation technique or a method, different from the rest of the conventional routines. Gives you no scars, no surgeries, no incision but still covers up your bald, gives you natural looking hairline and it’s none other than direct hair Treatment (DHT).

This technique is much simpler and has fewer complications. For a person who is very conscious about his or her looks but is afraid of or has a stigma towards the marks and surgery, this method of direct hair Treatment (DHT) provides the best solution.

In this method of Direct Hair Treatment (DHT) particularly, no incision like holes or slits are made instead the hair is directly implanted into the affected area or the bald area, in other words, the recipient area. During this procedure of direct hair Treatment (DHT), the patient has to go through zero pain and moreover, it provides a comfortable experience to the patient both during and after the procedure.

In this, there is no area on the scalp which is marked as the donor area, instead, the hair follicle is extracted from the other parts of the body and then preserved in an optimum condition till their grafted, for their better development and growth in later stages after implantation.

This method includes:-

1. With the help, a specialized disposable tool of 1mm diameter or less the hair follicles are extracted and are stored at an optimum temperature in a saline solution, to escalate the development after placement, and also make sure that the grafts are not separated or cut while handling the grafts.

2. the isolated hair follicle is then directly implanted into the region affected by the hair loss using the most patented tool, called the DHI implanter ( with a diameter of 1mm or less ), without making any preparatory wholes or slits.

3. it is taken care of that the depth, angle, and direction of the hair follicle throughout the procedure of placements of each hair grafts, to ensure a one hundred percent natural outcome. It also ensures utmost viability and ensures that the implanted hair never falls out and grows for the lifetime of the patient in a natural way.

The major difference between DHT and other methods of hair transplant is the quality of results. While other techniques merely involve placement of follicles from the donor zone to the recipient zone, the DHT technique comprises a blend of the artistic conception of hairline design and scientific precision in locating the follicles.