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General Hair Care Instructions Everyone Must Follow for Healthy Hair

Who doesn’t dream of having long, shiny, beautiful hair on their scalp? But due to various reasons such as changing lifestyle and dynamic weather patterns, hair fall/loss has emerged as a big problem affecting a significant percentage of the population around the globe. But there are certain general hair care instructions and hair fall solutions which if followed can prove to be very effective in curbing hair loss, dandruff, scalp infections, and hair breakage.
Hence, in order to get healthy hair, read and follow the instructions given below:

  1. You must wash your oily hair regularly- There are a lot of people who don’t wash their hair regularly resulting in oil accumulated inside the scalp. The frequency of washing depends on the ‘level of oiliness’ in relation to a person’s scalp. The persons suffering from oily scalp must wash their heads every day and the one with normal scalp skin should wash their hair twice a week.
  2. Don’t apply shampoo on the hair, instead apply it directly on the scalp- While washing the hair, one must concentrate on cleaning the scalp, in place of washing the entire length of hair from tips to roots. The reason behind this is that the build-up of dead skin cells and oil, inside the scalp which can lead to dandruff, weak hair, and hair loss. Therefore, it is advised to thoroughly wash your scalp with a good quality shampoo.
  3. Apply Conditioner on the hair after shampoo- A good quality conditioner not only smoothens, detangle, and strengthens the hair but also protects them from the harmful effects of UV rays. Hence, it is necessary to apply a good quality conditioner on the hair after shampoo which not only improves the hair quality significantly but also makes them look shinier and denser than before.
  4. Every shampoo is not qualified for your scalp- Choose a shampoo according to your hair type. Everyone has different types of hair quality such as thick, thin, weak, strong, dry, oily or with split ends, etc., therefore it is necessary to choose a shampoo and conditioner according to your particular hair type. If your hairs are oily then you must opt for a dry shampoo, whereas a person with dry scalps must choose a shampoo or conditioner which can provide proper nourishment. In case of hair fall avoid using a shampoo containing hard chemicals like ‘Paraben’, instead use soft shampoo/hair products.
  5. Keep special care of hair while swimming- To protect your hair from the damage caused by chlorinated water/ocean water, wear a tightly-fitted swimming cap. Apart from this, always apply hair-oil on your scalp before your swimming session. Never forget to wash your hair with a soft shampoo plus conditioner after swimming, to get rid of the minerals dissolved in the water which landed on your scalp while swimming. Abiding by this rule can stop hair fall to a great extent.
  6. Avoid towel while drying the hairs- Generally, people use a hard towel to dry their hairs by removing excess water. But rubbing the hairs vigorously with a towel leads to friction which results in excessive hair fall. Therefore, squeeze your hair nicely after having a head wash and then dry them by using an old cotton cloth/T-shirt/soft towel.
  7. Avoid putting a strain on hairs with tight hairstyles/ponytails- Most of the girls/boys who have long hair opt for a ponytail or other kind of tight hairstyles to tie their hair backward. But these types of hairstyles put unnecessary strain on their locks making hair susceptible to hair breakage. Hence, one must either let their hairs loose or tie them in soft knots using good quality hair bands/softer hair ties that don’t pinch or put unnecessary pressure on the hair roots.
  8. You must sleep on a soft and silky pillowcase- While sleeping; your hair constantly rubs against the pillowcase which might lead to increased friction resulting in hair loss. Cotton pillowcases are known to be responsible for hair loss. Therefore, switch your cotton pillow covers with silk/satin which are softer and less prone to friction as compared to any other textile material.
  9. Don’t use hair-dryer- Hot tools like hair-dryer can damage your hair strands over the period. So, after washing the hair let them dry on their own with the help of natural air. To do this, you can simply stand under a ceiling fan or go on the roof to dry your hair naturally.
  10. Protect your hair from the Ultra-Violet (UV) rays- Another common reason behind the damage of hair is the harmful UV rays! The UV rays adversely affect the health of our hair making them dry resulting in increased hair fall/split ends/weaker hair follicles. Therefore it is recommended to cover your hairs with the help of a cap, hat, bandana/cloth, or umbrella whenever you plan to go outside for a long duration.
  11. If you are suffering from split ends then you must consider trimming- No matter how much you care for your hair, split ends are just considered to be inevitable. Some people try to conceal them but in the end, it all goes in vain. Thus, if you have split ends then, you must book an appointment with your hairdresser and get them trimmed.
  12. Always keep your hair hydrated-To keep healthy hair, apply a ‘Leave-In’ hair cream after shampoo. This not only nourishes the hair but also provides great volume to them. To apply the cream take a dime-sized amount of cream in your palms and spread it evenly throughout your damp hair strands. Hydrated hairs are generally considered to be more healthy and strong in comparison to the non-hydrated ones.
  13. Use wide-tooth comb- It’s a well-known fact that wet hairs are susceptible to breakage when brushed with a narrow-toothed comb/hairbrush. Therefore, it is considered a wise step to use a wide-tooth comb while detangling your wet or damp hair. Apart from this, you should also be cautious while combing your hair. Never apply force with a narrow tooth comb while detangling your hair-lock instead use a wide comb and straighten them gently. 

All these hair care instructions might seem very general but are very effective and could provide groundbreaking results if adopted effectively in case of hair fall.If you are experiencing substantial hair fall even after applying above mentioned hair care tips in daily use then you must visit a hair doctor. The doctor will thoroughly assess your hair condition and recommend the best hair loss treatment. Doctor Jai Bansal is considered as Jaipur’s best hair doctor. He runs a clinic ‘Dr. Hair India’ which provides the best hair treatment in Jaipur at affordable rates. This clinic has state of the art equipment along with experienced staff which is specialized in all sorts of hair transplantation techniques. So, if you are suffering from hair related problems Dr. Hair India is your one-stop solution!

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