Scalp Micro Pigmentation(SMP)

Try Scalp Micro Pigmentation and See the Difference!

Everybody loves to have a full head of hair. Some people like to have an innovative buzz cut hairstyle as well. Unfortunately, many bald men do not have many options for re growing hair on their heads and then turn to a procedure that is called scalp micropigmentation. This procedure helps bald people look like they have recently had a haircut or a shaved haircut.

How does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Just like how tattoos can be drawn on places on the skin, Tattoos can also be drawn on the top part of the head. Scalp micropigmentation is a process that is essentially drawing a tattoo of hair on the head. It involves injecting ink directly into the scalp to give your head the shaved look. Because this procedure does not depend on any variable factors, it gives a guaranteed result to people who may have tried other procedures for hair growth and failed. The scalp micropigmentation helps create the illusion that your head has a lot of hair. This is aided by the fact that the ink colour is chosen keeping in touch with your natural hair colour.

Why Choose Scalp Micropigmentation?

The scalp micropigmentation procedure is a permanent procedure. There is absolutely no pain or side effects when the scalp micropigmentation is preformed by doctors in Dr Hair India. Though this procedure might seem like a very simple procedure, it is very simple only for experienced doctors, like the ones present in Dr Hair India. You should not get procedures like this done by your usual tattoo artist. Another advantage is that the scalp micropigmentation procedure can be availed by both men and women at very reasonable prices at Dr hair India.

What Is the Procedure for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Before committing to any treatment, it is always advised to get to know it better. And for a permanent treatment like scalp micropigmentation, you must be familiar with the entire procedure. So here is a quick step-by-step guide for you to better understand and get comfortable with the SMP treatment. The team at Dr. Hair India is known to provide the best SMP treatment in Jaipur as they perform these procedures in a controlled environment and follows all the medical guidelines.

Step 1: Cleaning the Scalp
After your initial consult comes the day of the actual appointment. You are advised to wash your hair before the appointment. And once you arrive, the doctor will further clean your scalp with a disinfectant cleanser to avoid any chance of contamination during the SMP procedure.

Step 2: Outlining the Scalp
This is a crucial step that decides where your new hairline will be. The doctor will mark the outline of your new hairline depending on what you asked in your consultations. Once the marking is done, you get to suggest any changes if you like, and with your approval, the final outline is drawn.

Step 3: Numbing the Area
This is where the doctor will apply a numbing cream to the area of the scalp that will be under the needle. This allows the hair SMP procedure to be painless for you and smoother for the doctors.

Step 4: It’s Micropigmentation Time!
Now the doctor uses medical-grade pigments to create a colour that matches your existing hair colour perfectly. With the help of a needle, your doctor will place microdots less than 1 mm in size in the designated area of your scalp. This can take somewhere between 2 to 6 hours, depending on how much scalp needs to be covered.

Step 5: Clean the Scalp, and You Are Done
Once the desired area of the scalp is covered with the pigment, the doctor will clean your scalp to remove the excess pigment and clear out the skin. Once this is done, you are good to go.

The next and final step is taking good care of yourself and the scalp and following all the instructions advised by your doctor. And in doing so, you will have a full head of hair that will most definitely get you noticed.

If you have any other questions regarding the scalp micropigmentation procedure, feel free to reach out to the hair specialists at Dr. Hair India Clinic, and the experts there will resolve all your queries. So, book an appointment today if you too desire to flaunt new hairstyles.

Benefits of Hair SMP

A hair-scalp micropigmentation treatment is a cosmetic procedure for thinning hair or hair loss. It is the most popular procedure among men and women alike. That is because hair SMP offers the best results at an affordable price. And when you get this procedure done at Dr. Hair India Clinic, the chances of scalp micropigmentation side effects are ZERO. Not only that, there are a host of other benefits, like:

Minimally Invasive

It is a non surgical procedure and is often described as tattooing on the skull.

Pain Free

This treatment is quick and painless, with zero discomfort.

Safe and Secure

The treatment does not include the use of any chemicals or large incisions.

Quite Affordable

SMP is relatively cheap and doesn’t require additional aftercare products.

Realistic Results

Scalp micropigmentation creates a perfect replication of hair texture and colour, producing a realistic look.

Permanent Solution

SMP offers a permanent fix to hair loss problems with quick healing and no maintenance.

Why Choose Dr. Hair India for Your Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment in Jaipur?

The answer is simple: Dr. Hair India is home to world class scalp micropigmentation specialists. The team is led by Dr. Jai Bansal, who has over 11 years of experience in the industry under his belt and is a globally recognised name. Under his supervision, the clinic strives to provide the best possible treatment and aftercare to every patient.

This is what a world class scalp micropigmentation treatment at Dr. Hair India offers you:
– The best pigments that are chemical free and organic are used for the SMP procedure.
– Precise and customised colour matching in order to create more natural looking hair.
– Accredited/trained doctors
– A team of well trained doctors and technicians work with you to deliver excellent pre- and post-treatment care.

Dr. Hair India has a long list of satisfied clients who vouch for their excellence and unmatched skills. You can also book an appointment to get a detailed idea of Hair SMP treatment along with other treatment options like Hair transplant in Jaipur, Hair Restoration, Laser Hair Growth, etc.

Try Scalp Micro Pigmentation and See the Difference!


frequently asked questions

Hair Micropigmentation treatment Common Questions and Answers

Scalp micropigmentation treatment (SMP Hair Treatment) in Jaipur will cost you somewhere between 10k and 30k, depending on the extent of baldness. It is a very affordable and permanent solution for men and women suffering from baldness.

For a hair SMP treatment, you can expect to have 2 to 4 sessions. The number of sessions depends on the degree of hair loss and whether or not there is any scarring. A session often lasts for 2 to 5 hours, resulting in a natural and more youthful appearance.

Yes, scalp micropigmentation is a permanent procedure, and the colour lasts for about eight to ten years. And you can get the best SMP treatment in Jaipur at the Dr. Hair India Clinic at reasonable rates.

Dr. Jai Bansal at Dr. Hair India Clinic is the best scalp micropigmentation specialist in Jaipur. Your search for “scalp micropigmentation near me’ ends once you visit him. He has 11 years of experience and is a globally recognised hair specialist.

Yes, scalp micropigmentation is a very safe procedure. It is non surgical and minimally invasive process. But you should only trust specialists with hair SMP, and the best in the field is Dr. Hair India Clinic.

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