Scalp Micro Pigmentation(SMP)

Try Scalp Micro Pigmentation and See the Difference!

Everybody loves to have a full head of hair. Some people like to have an innovative buzz cut hairstyle as well. Unfortunately, many bald men do not have many options for re growing hair on their heads and then turn to a procedure that is called scalp micropigmentation. This procedure helps bald people look like they have recently had a haircut or a shaved haircut.

How does scalp micropigmentation work?

Just like how tattoos can be drawn on places on the skin, Tattoos can also be drawn on the top part of the head. Scalp micropigmentation is a process that is essentially drawing a tattoo of hair on the head. It involves injecting ink directly into the scalp to give your head the shaved look. Because this procedure does not depend on any variable factors, it gives a guaranteed result to people who may have tried other procedures for hair growth and failed. The scalp micropigmentation helps create the illusion that your head has a lot of hair. This is aided by the fact that the ink colour is chosen keeping in touch with your natural hair colour.

Why scalp micropigmentation?

The scalp micropigmentation procedure is a permanent procedure. There is absolutely no pain or side effects when the scalp micropigmentation is preformed by doctors in Dr Hair India. Though this procedure might seem like a very simple procedure, it is very simple only for experienced doctors, like the ones present in Dr Hair India. You should not get procedures like this done by your usual tattoo artist. Another advantage is that the scalp micropigmentation procedure can be availed by both men and women at very reasonable prices at Dr hair India.

Procedure of scalp micropigmentation

The procedure is almost like getting any other tattoo. The doctor has special machines that help in this procedure as the ink has to be injected in the scalp of the head. The doctor first chooses a particular shade of the ink that matches with your natural hair colour and uses the machine to inject the ink on the scalp. There might be some fading of colour after three or four years. This can be corrected by doing small touch-ups.

Try Scalp Micro Pigmentation and See the Difference!

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