Orthognathic Surgery

Corrective surgery that is performed on the jaw of an individual is usually termed as Orthognathic Surgery. This surgery was devised to correct any deformities in correct growth of the jaw of a person. Some of the most common issues are caused due to the growth and structure of the jaw. The Orthognathic Surgery is also used to treat a variety of other related conditions like the cleft palate. This surgery is performed on the recommendation of a registered medical practitioner. An improper jaw can cause a lot of problems in daily life, such as excessive wearing away of some teeth, difficulty in chewing, difficulty in swallowing, receding chins, sleep apnoea, protruding jaw, headaches due to jaw pain, unbalanced appearance of the face, not being able to make the lips meet without straining yourself and so on.

Orthognathic Surgery is not only performed to make the person look more appealing it is performed to rid the patient of a lot of pain that a disfigured jaw or an unbalanced jaw cause. The surgery in itself is typically performed by an oral surgeon and a plastic surgeon if required. The surgery sometimes includes the wearing of braces before and after (sometimes for years because it is a slow process) so that the teeth can be set into proper places and give proper way for the doctor performing the surgery. The surgery is relatively a painless one considering the patient is usually under local aesthesia while the surgeon is doing his work.