Lip Shaping

As one might be familiar with the quote that “The first impression is the last impression” and as in todays time the first impression on anyone can only be made by the personality one possesses which is somewhat dependent on the face and the will power. But what if someone has something off about their face which will surely lead to less will power, can this problem be made right. Something off can be anything which irritates or causes tension while looked at it can be the uneven shape of the face or the out of the shape lips. One might not think this as a problem but it is a problem and a serious one. Here at Dr.Hair, we identify the type of the problems and then try to work on the solution that what type of treatment might the lip requires. Sometimes it requires fillers which are injected into the lips to give it a proper shape just like any other normal lips. Need not to worry as this is a painless process in which only the injection is injected but sometimes anesthesia is also preferred over the patient’s needs. We have experienced doctors who will take one through every minor detail about the treatment and the surgery. This surgery is also less time consuming as we have some of the best types of equipment available with us to help in the treatment of the lips.