Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. The idea that a sketching can be there on your skin for so many years is often mind boggling. Sometimes, people get tattoos in haste and without thinking clearly. This may lead to embarrassing moments later on in life. Sometimes the tattoo that you got may not appeal to you anymore and you want to have it removed. Though tattoos are often termed as ‘permanent’ many of them can actually be removed.

How does tattoo removal work & what does it cost?

Tattoo removal works in a simple way. The lasers that the medical practitioner uses, break down the ink particles that ware left in the layer of the skin when the tattoo was originally made. These broken ink particles become very small particles during the procedure and are removed by the organisms that are present in our body. These are called macrophages. These macrophages take this unwanted ink and digest them.

The complexity of the procedure for tattoo removal is often not the same for everyone. It is largely dependent on how long ago the tattoo was made and with what type of ink it was made. That is why it is important to have it done by only professionals. Dr Hair India is one of the places with certified professions that offer the tattoo removal service. The tattoo removal is done by lasers which are a highly sophisticated piece of equipment and must be handled only by people who have the proper experience, like the people at Dr Hair India,. The laser tattoo removal method is effective in producing results and is also cost effective. The device is usually a simple one with just a laser. There is usually no need for injections or cutting or anything as such. The cost also depends on how many sessions that you may have to have to get the tattoo removed. Again, all tattoos are not the same. Some small ones can usually be removed in a single sitting. Large ones may require several sittings. Besides, laser removal is the current standard for tattoo removal and it is often not as painful as getting a tattoo made on the skin.