Laser Hair Regrowth

Hair fall occurs in different stages of a person’s life and it can lead to visible baldness or complete baldness. Many treatments for preventing hair fall have been discovered by researchers. There are also methods of Treatmenting hair from one spot to another, basically changing their position from less important to more important spots. A new method of hair growth through laser treatment is being popular these days. While some are negative about its efficiency, other researchers claim it provides great results.

Does Laser therapy for hair growth works?

Laser treatment to the scalp to promote hair growth is a relatively new treatment of baldness. Often called as LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy) is the process of exposing the scalp to mild lasers, also cold as cold lasers because they produce no heat. His exposure allows cells to absorb photons of the laser which triggers hair growth speed. The low light lasers initiate better circulation in cells and thus an increased hair growth speed. Since it is a photon-based treatment and no heat is involved, it causes no harm to scalp cells. Laser therapy is a much safer and healthier form of hair fall treatment. But its results are still argued upon. Laser therapy is not a fully guaranteed way of hair growth. It seems to work very effectively for some people while zero results for others. But it is a no-harm FDA approved process and people usually give this method a try because of the impressive result prospects