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Everyone wants to have hair that looks beautiful. For most of us that might only be a fantasy because of many reasons like baldness and so on. The new and revolutionary surgery that is known as hair Treatment was devised for such people to make their dreams a reality.

What is Hair Treatment & how is it performed?

As the name suggests hair Treatment in simple words is removing hair from one place which has an abundance of hair follicles (also places which do not generally become bald) and implanting them in other places that are bald or are showing signs of balding. Now, as simple as it may sound it is only to be performed by medical professionals who know exactly what they are doing. The place where the hair is taken is called as the donor site and the place where the hair Is implanted is called the recipient site. This is a procedure that is categorized as minimally invasive and does not typically require the patient to stay in the hospital after the procedure. Hair can be Treatmented to places like eyebrows, eye lashes, on the head, beard hair, chest hair and so on. There are various methods of harvesting the hair from the donor sites (places like the back of the head). Your doctor will help you choose the best method and course of your treatment based on varying factors. There are almost no side effects that are observed in most patients that have undergone this procedure.