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    FUT vs FUE

    Hair Transplant Techniques

    FUE Hair Transplant In Jaipur

    FUE Hair Transplant

    Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is done by taking individual hair follicles from your skin and then Follicles are transferred to the recipient area on your scalp. FUE is a more advanced method of hair transplants. This FUE ( Follicular unit extraction) technique gives you natural hairline with dense hair.

    FUT Hair Transplant In Jaipur

    FUT Hair Transplant

    This techniques is also called “strip method”. In this procedure, a strip of hair is taken from the donor site and implanted on the bald region of the head.
    The donor region is the back side of the scalp .
    After taking out the strip, the hair follicles are then taken out and transferred on to the bald region.

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    Hair Transplant Result
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    Dr jai bansal

    About Our Hair transplant Specialist - Dr. Jai Bansal

    Dr. Jai Bansal - Hair Transplant Specialist In Jaipur

    Dr. Jai Bansal with an experience of over 11 years in Hair Transplant Surgery , is one of the finest doctors for treating baldness.
    He is a hair transplant expert and has conducted around 2000 plus surgeries.
    Dr. Bansal has a very advanced and technologically rich hair transplant centre “Dr. Hair India.
    Dr. Jai Bansal is highly appreciated for his quality FUE and FUT surgeries in Ajmer. To his credit, there is 97 percent survival rate for hair transplant of men and women.

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      About Dr. Hair India - Hair Transplant Centre

      Dr. Hair India is an early adopter of technology. Here, we offer high quality hair transplants through FUE and FUT techniques.
      The evidence of our service comes from the fact that at Dr. Hair India, the hair survival rate is 97 percent in both the techniques. Our dedicated team of professional doctors lead by Dr. Jai Bansal ,who holds an experience of over 11 years is there to give you authentic results.
      Having treated over 2000 patients in India and UK, we have now learnt the all the minuscule aspects of this surgery and we tackle each case with acute sensitivity.
      We offer you a confident look with intensive post care and richer hair looks at our hair transplant clinic in Ajmer.

      Why Choose Dr. Hair India For Your Hair Transplant In Ajmer

      Dr. Hair India in Ajmer becomes the best option for your hair transplant surgery on account of several reasons-


      With over 11 years of experience, Dr. Jai Bansal is amongst the prominent hair transplant specialist in Ajmer. A capable leader and a dynamic professional in him make Dr. Hair India the best choice.

      Lowest Price Per Graft

      At Dr. Hair India, we intend to offer the most qualitative results in affordable prices.

      Latest Equipment​

      Treatment via latest technology in state-of-the-art infrastructure.

      High Success Ratio

      Our success rates for the transplants are 97.9% that makes us a reliable option. A high success ratio with a positive customer feedback will statisfy to the best.

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      Various people are scared of the risk of hair transplant, but this fear is pointless. There are no hair transplant side effects since this method is considered a safe one. It is done by a team of skilled doctors with the help of advanced tools in fully-equipped centre consisting of proper infrastructure. But in certain cases where a patient is suffering from any previous medical condition or illness, there might be some symptoms/reactions therefore it advised to tell your complete medical history to your doctor/surgeon.

      During a hair transplantation procedure generally, the hair graft is being obtained from the back of the head but they can be taken from other parts of the body too like chest, beard, and back if needed. In the case of people who have no hairs left on their donor sites to graft hair replacement surgery is used in which synthetic hairs are being used for grafting purposes.

      It does not take too long for a hair transplant recovery to complete and you can go home on the same day of the treatment however it may take up to 2 to 5 days for scars to heal. During these days you might feel some sort of tenderness, redness, or swelling on or around the area of hair restoration but these symptoms are temporary and will subside after a few days on its own.

      There is widespread belief among people that hair transplantation is costly but this is not completely true. The hair transplant cost in India depends on various factors like level of baldness, no of grafts needed to completely cover the affected area, type of surgery used, skill and qualification of the surgeon, reputation of the centre, and the facilities it has. Generally, the hair transplant cost in Ajmer is around 30,000 to 1,50,000 Rs. approximately (depending upon no. of grafts and city)

      FUT and FUE are two of the extensively used techniques of hair transplantation. Generally, they are considered even in terms of the surgery and results. Doctors after the checkup and counseling of the patient decide which type of surgery will be suitable for the patient. But FUE is considered superior to FUT hair transplant in many areas, like healing time is less in FUE, stitches are not required, no scars are visible after treatment and it is completely painless, etc

      Yes! Absolutely. The transplanted look completely normal and you will get long, thick, shiny looking hairs on your head. You will be shocked after your hair transplant pre and post look since grafted hairs not only look normal but they also act as a normal hair and grows completely in the course of three to four months.

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