Hair fall treatment(Male/Female)

What is Hairfall/ Hairloss

Hair fall is basically a loss of hair from the head or other parts of the body. It is also called Alopecia or baldness. Usually, humans experience hair loss on their head. This hair loss can be very stressful for some people, mainly females while some may not panic about it until they are visibly bald. Hairs are an important part of your appearance and some people may experience anxiety and low self-esteem issues when hair fall kicks in. There are phases of hair fall and hair fall intensity increases with every phase if no treatment is provided. There are different causes of hair fall like physical stress on the hair, emotional stress, genetics, medication side-effects, etc.

Why Hairfall Occurs and What are Its Treatments?

Male and female hair loss has different patterns. Male experience a hair falls with receding hairline pattern and can go completely bald from front to the top while women experience thinning of hair on top and near temples but not on the hairline. Treating hair loss can be a little different for males and females. There are common treatments for both which include avoiding hot treatments to hair, avoiding medications with hair loss as side effects, reducing the stress you take in life, avoiding smoking. Both men and women can take this drug called Minoxidil – well known for promoting hair growth. Females sometimes experience hair fall due to lack of iron, so they can consume iron supplements. Propecia is another effective drug but recommended only for men. Also, there is the option of hair treatment like hair transplant for both the genders.