Hair Bio-Fibres

Sometimes, people face acute hair fall which causes a receding hairline, thinning of hair, partial baldness or even complete baldness. Hair fall can be a stressful situation for a person and it can be embarrassing for some. One can opt for natural hair fall treatment, hair growth triggering through medications, traditional hair Treatment or the fastest and relatively newer method – synthetic/artificial hair Treatment through bio-fibre Treatmentation.

How does this work?

A regular hair Treatment means implanting hair follicles from the back of your scalp or from your body parts to more visibly important parts of your head. With Synthetic hair Treatmentation, hair follicles are Treatmented on your head, but these follicles are not natural hairs. These are artificially produced hair lookalikes known as Bio-Fibres. Bio-fibres are almost the same in looks like your natural hair. They are flexible, available in natural colours and different sizes which make them suitable for female patients too.

Bio- fibre Treatmenting is faster than traditional Treatmentation and provides instant natural-looking results. There are some limitations like a rejection of synthetic implants by the scalp. This is checked by using a test patch on a small area first. And further steps are taken accordingly. Bio-fibre Treatmentation also prevents excessive scarring of the scalp. Bio-fibres are gaining popularity and are a better option of hair Treatmentation.