Follicular unit hair transplant

Hair transplant is one the solution to the increasing baldness giving you a natural look with natural hair. It is the latest technique which is very less painful and moreover, most importantly it leaves no scars behind.

Along with it recovers in no time, and involves no risk or complication in it. It requires no stitches or scalpels. This FUE ( Follicular unit extraction) technique gives you natural hairline with dense hair.

Particularly, this technique involves the following preceding:

1. Planning the implantation as to provide a natural-looking hairline.

2. Selection of the donor area- it is usually the back of your head from where the follicles are extracted. It is selected in such a way that after the extraction the donor area will be or can be covered by the hair around.

3. Trimming the hair in the donor area, to expedite the identification of perfectly strong, healthy donor hair.

4. Once the donor area is all set and prepared, a circular incision is made around follicle to isolate it, without causing any damage. Then removing it with high precision

5. Extracted follicular graft units are then capsulated in moderate conditions, where it is kept safe.

6. These follicular graft units are then examined and prepared for implantation.

7. These follicular graft units are then arranged according to the number of hair present in each unit.

8. Depending on the pattern of baldness, an optimal area or position is selected for each follicular unit to achieve a natural looking hairline as well as covering the baldness, giving it a dense look.

9. When the follicular grafts are all set, small- small incision is made in a way that its matches your hair growth pattern.

10. Finally those small follicular graft units are implanted, according to the number hair in each follicle unit..

It usually takes a month to heal the small incision made in donor area. In maximum three months the patient would be able to observe new hair growth in their bald patches.

This method is usually preferred by people because of the numerous advantages it is accompanied with.

1. It supports short hair, which means it is favourable for men as well as for women equally

2. The procedure is less traumatic for the patient, as it does not involve any surgical experience.

3. Minimal post operative recovery time.

4. It does not leave any scars behind.

5. Body hair Treatment–Dense body hairs are found in men on chest, thighs, groin and axilla. In patients having poor donor site (either due to high grade of baldness or due to previous scarring), these body hairs can be used for Treatmentation.

6. It can also be used on face to cover scars by dense covering layer of hair.

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