Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon laser peel can be defined as laser treatment for the skin which will help the skin to look more fresh and free from scars or blackheads. This is not fully dependent on the laser treatment as this carbon laser peel is divided into two phases which are as follows-

Phase 1- In this, the skin is first treated with more natural treatment. First a carbon cream is applied on all over the face which will absorb all the dirt and the oils present in the skin and on the skin. This will make the skin dirt and oil free which is required for the second process to be successful.

Phase 2- After the first process is completed then that carbon mask which was created by the carbon cream is then removed with the help of the laser treatment. In this, the laser is somewhat applied from a distance so that it can easily peel off the carbon mask which will then make the skin dirt and oil free.

This process is chemical free as it does not use any harsh chemicals to get the results. Individuals suffering from blackheads, dull skin tone, oily skin can opt for this treatment but this should only be performed in the presence of a highly trained doctor. Here at Dr Hair India, we have some of the best-trained doctors with extra medical facilities; making this place the best if one is opting for the laser treatment.