Body Hair Treatment

Humans usually have hair follicles throughout their body. Females usually have less dense body hair than men, but it also depends on different genetics. We usually consider the hair on our head as the most important and visibly attracting. You have heard of hair Treatment for regaining a head full of hair or at least visibly full of hair. Usually, in hair Treatment, hair follicles from the back of your head are Treatmented on front and top of your head. But what if hair density on back of your head is not sufficient? Can a person Treatment hairs from other parts of the body too?

Treatmenting body hair follicles on the scalp

Treatmenting hairs from different parts of the body onto your head is now possible after several years of research all over the world. Earlier it was feared that hair from body parts will get rejected by the scalp. But with proper anti-rejection drugs and precise technology, this has been made possible. The process is called Body Hair Treatment and is very useful when there are not enough hair follicles on the back of the scalp to opt for traditional Treatment methods. Hair from beard areas, back, chest and even armpits can be used for this purpose. Usually, beard hair follicles are preferred because scalp hair follicles are very similar to them.

This Treatment method can also be used in combination with traditional one for achieving denser hair results. Also for filling specific bald spots, this method proves to be the best option.