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Why Laser Treatment Is the Best Way to Remove Unwanted Tattoos?

There was a time when tattoo removal was considered an impossible task! But in modern times the laser tattoo removal technology has converted this ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’. With the help of the laser tattoo removal process, one can easily remove their permanently inked tattoos. Laser tattoo removal takes less time and provides a visibly remarkable result that is why is the best way to remove unwanted tattoos. 

Laser tattoo removal procedure:

In the laser tattoo removal procedure, the pigments of the tattoos are cautiously and meticulously broken up with the help of special high-intensity light beam/laser. 

The equipment/devices which are used during laser tattoo treatment for the removal of unwanted tattoos are called ‘ultra-short pulse lasers’ or simply the ‘Q-switch lasers’. These devices produce and emit very hot and high-speed laser within a narrow frequency which helps in breaking up of the tattoo ink embedded deep inside the skin. This whole process of tattoo removal is commonly known as ‘Photothermolysis’. As soon as the treatment is completed, the major imprints of the tattoo fade away. 

Laser tattoo removal side-effects: 

According to recent studies, laser tattoo removal technology does not have any major side -effects on the body/skin of a person. It is a completely harmless, safe and secure method of removing permanent tattoos which don’t have any side-effects making is the best treatment for tattoo removal.

How many sittings/treatments are required to complete this process?

Generally, it requires 6 – 12 sessions to complete a laser tattoo removal treatment. The number of laser treatment sessions required to remove a tattoo depends upon various factors such as:

  1. The type of laser used for tattoo removal plays a crucial role. The old laser devices take more time and sittings. But the modern and more advanced versions of laser devices available in the market target the tattoo ink with great precision in less time.
  2. The skin type: Skin type varies from person to person and the tattoo removal works more effectively on the people with lighter skin types. Apart from these, there are various other factors too which affect this treatment like, the color of the tattoo, layers of ink in the tattoo, the location of the tattoo, the method of tattooing, the client’s general health, and existing scarring affect this process heavily. 

How much time is required between one tattoo removal session to another?

The time needed to heal from one session to another generally varies from six to eight weeks, but it might differ from client to client. The reason behind this is it takes time for the body to heal and remove the ink particles from underneath the skin.

Are there specific colors that are more difficult to remove?

During the laser treatment, different colors of ink respond differently to the treatment. Therefore, some of the colors in the tattoo require specialized laser devices for successful removal. Black and blue are known for responding better to laser treatment while orange, red, green, yellow, pink, and white are found more difficult to remove. So for those who have a colored tattoo, they can also get it removed via laser treatment without a doubt.

How to choose a laser tattoo removal clinic?

We suggest that a person should extract all the required information about the tattoo removal clinics present in the market in advance before making the final move. One must access the website of tattoo removal clinic or make a call to inquire about the services they provide. One can also check out the photos of laser tattoo removal before and after the process. Ensure that they possess a proper infrastructure and certified laser technicians with relevant experience in the field of tattoo removal.

One should also ask them about the type of laser equipment they use for tattoo removal. Ask about the type of local anesthetics provided by the clinic during the treatment to numb since the process of tattoo removal can prove to be painful. Apart from these factors laser tattoo removal cost also plays a major part in choosing a clinic. Choose a clinic that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and suits your budget too.

Hence, It can be said that laser treatment is the best way present in the market to remove the unwanted tattoos because of it effective, less painful, quick, safe and ensures to provide the best result no matter what type of tattoo a person holds i.e., be it black/blue or colored tattoos.

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