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What Are the Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hair Specialist Doctor?

To get good quality and satisfactory results during hair transplantation, it is essential to choose the right doctor or clinic for the treatment. But people still lack substantial knowledge about hair transplantation surgery. The success of the hair transplantation procedure depends heavily on the surgical skills and experience of the doctor. Therefore before choosing a doctor for hair transplantation you must pay close attention to the following points:

  1. Doctor success rate/serving background: It is highly recommended to know about the surgeon’s background and his success rate. Only the knowledge of plastic surgery and dermatology can’t be considered sufficient while choosing the hair transplant surgeon, since hair transplantation requires a special training program. Therefore you should check that your doctor possesses proper training in hair transplantation or not and how many successful cases he has handled in the past.
  2. Certifications of the doctor/surgeon: Generally, all the hair transplantation specialists/doctors obtain certification by fulfilling a required set of training parameters and passing some mandatory examinations. It is also essential to look for a doctor who is properly approved by the certified institutions.
  3. Skill and experience: Hair transplantation surgery is considered a very complex procedure therefore to achieve successful results the surgeon conducting the process must possess a requisite amount of skill and experience. The field of hair transplantation is progressing rapidly and techniques related to it are also evolving with time, therefore the doctors must keep themselves up-to-date. So before opting for a hair transplant, clear your doubts regarding the technology that will be adopted by your doctor, how much time of experience he holds in performing that technique, and is it safe or not?
  4. The preferred method of Hair Transplantation: There are various kinds of hair transplantation techniques available in the market nowadays. Hence you should only select a doctor who must be familiar with all kinds of hair transplant techniques. This enables you to choose the best hair transplant procedure among available options. Generally, there are two most prevalent techniques of hair transplant: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most advanced and sought after techniques in the field of Hair Transplant since it provides a less invasive type of surgery. 
  5. Proof of previous work and reviews provided by the old patients: Before going for hair transplantation it is very important to check for the online reviews of the clinic and doctor whom you are considering to visit. It is also mandatory to check the before and after photos of the old patients to know about the results provided by the doctor. Learning about some previous patients provides a basic idea of ​​how they are treated and how trouble-free the service provided by the doctor is!
  6. Facilities provided by the clinic where the doctor works: The clinic where hair transplantation is performed also plays a vital role in achieving successful hair transplant results. Before choosing a transplant clinic utmost attention should be paid to various important factors such as modern equipment, skilled team of doctors, advanced technology, hygiene of the instruments used, etc. If you want the hair transplantation process to be done correctly then you should only select a clinic that specializes in hair transplantation surgery. The desired results cannot be achieved in clinics performing different types of procedures and therapies, besides hair transplantation. It is also important to read all the previous customer reviews and check the website of the clinic i.e. whether it has a proper record online or not. 
  7. Cost of surgical procedure: Hair Transplantation is known for its permanent nature and cost-effectiveness, but nowadays various hair transplant clinic have emerged all around the globe who claims to provide the best service. Therefore it is really necessary to choose only the best kind of surgical method, clinic, and doctor. Generally, the FUE hair transplantation procedure is considered to be more expensive than FUT. The cost of surgery also varies from one city to another for example cost of hair surgery in small cities like Jaipur is less than metro cities. 

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Hence it can be said that starting from skills and previous records of the doctor, the public image of the clinic, technology implied, cost of the process, and its effectiveness a person has to consider all these points before choosing a hair specialist doctor. 

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