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Understanding GFC Therapy for Hair Growth

Nowadays, there is an increasing concern in males and females to look perfect. Hairs of an individual play a significant role in deciding the overall looks of an individual.
As the stress levels are increasing, environment is getting contaminated with pollutants and as people tend to follow unhealthy lifestyle, people are encountering various health issues. The issues pertaining to poor hair health or witnessing early signs of Alopecia are very common among them.
As a solution to the problem of hair fall, hair thinning and lack of volume in hair, various treatments have evolved. These treatments are very simple, painless and time saving and are performed by an experienced hair specialist. Moreover, their results are very promising.

PRP and GFC Treatment for Hair Loss: The Two Popular Methods

There are two most reliable and effective methods of hair growth and hair fall reduction which are gaining popularity these days-

  1. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy
    In this method, the blood of an individual is centrifuged for deriving platelet rich plasma. This plasma is then injected at the places where there are bald spots. The problem of hair thinning and baldness are solved with this method.
    This blood plasma stimulates the growth of your hair follicles. Both men and women can be benefitted with this therapy in just a few sessions depending upon the level of baldness.
    Noticeable results can be seen in an individual after 3-4 weeks of this treatment.
  2. GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) Therapy
    GFC Therapy is the advanced version of PRP Therapy. This method is gaining popularity these days for increasing hair volume, countering hair thinning and hair fall along with hair growth stimulation.
    Various growth factors are stored in the blood platelets of an individual and they help in stimulating the hair growth. In GFC therapy/method, the blood of the individual is centrifuged for various growth factors.
    Each of these growth factors contributes in the hair growth differently. These factors are of the following types-

A. Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF)
This growth factor stimulates the growth of hair.
It also improves the microcirculation around the hair follicles and also stimulates the proliferation of stem cells.

B. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)
This growth factor regulates and improves the microcirculation around follicles.

C. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
This factor support hair growth in scalp and dermal tissue proliferation in the skin.

D. Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1)
It is responsible for hair growth and supports the blood supply of the tissues.

All these factors are separated from the platelets at high concentrations and are stored in a GFC therapy kit.

Process of GFC Preparation

The GFC hair treatment procedure is quite simple and involves the following steps in the preparation and execution of the Growth Factor Concentrate:-
Step 1- Collection of the Patient’s Blood
In this step, the hair specialist will take 15-1 ml of the patient’s blood and distribute it among 4 GFC tubes.
Step 2-Activating the Platelets and Release of the Growth Factors
In this step, the blood in different tubes is shaken 6-10 times and is then allowing them to stand for about 30 minutes.
The platelet activating solution in the tube will separate the various growth factors (PDGF, VEGF, EGF and IGF-1) from the platelets.
Step 3- Separation of GFC
Then these 4 tubes are centrifuged pure growth factors from red and white blood cells and other blood cells present in the blood.
Step 4- Collecting the GFC
After centrifugation, the Growth Factors collect near the cap of tube, which are then drawn out with a collecting syringe.
Step 5- Applying the GFC
Finally, the collected GFC is ready for application. It is then injected in the head and the neck region to stimulate hair growth.

Precautions after GFC

Unlike the other hair loss treatments, there are very less precautions after this therapy. Still there are some to be followed for some time. The experts at the hair clinic will ask you to observe the following precaution-
– Avoid combing or touching the treated area for a day.
– Do not involve in strenuous physical work which causes sweating.
– Do not shampoo for two days after the treatment.
– Apply all topical medications and take all advices from your doctor.
– Do take all medicines as prescribed by your doctor.


The GFC hair treatment yields enormous benefits which are clearly visible:-
– This method has no side effects as it is prepared from the patient’s own blood.
– No platelet wastage is involved in the procedure.
– This therapy does not involve RBCs and WBCs. Hence, the chances of inflammation or pain are zero.
– The extracted concentrations have a life of 8 hours at room temperature and at 4degree Celsius for seven days.
– It reduces hair fall significantly.
– It increases hair volume and stimulates hair growth.
– Hair thickening can also be achieved with this method.

Costs Involved
The cost of GFC Hair Treatment is very affordable. Is a very effective method of hair growth and hair loss treatment. It is a very innovative and modern method of hair loss treatment and is a boon for people facing baldness.
The results of this method are very promising.
If you are planning to solve your hair loss problem the best way in the simplest painless and effective manner, then GFC therapy is the best hair loss therapy you must opt for.

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