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PRP Therapy : A Non-Surgical Solution For Hair Loss Treatment

Baldness is a matter of huge concern for the generation of present times. As the technological advancements have brought the whole world together digitally, people interact with each other through the online platforms. The pandemic times of COVID-19 have also initiated the work/study from home culture.
So, there is a great need for people to look presentable and gracious. The demand for a complete look comprising hair, face and a well shaped body is at the peak.
For hair loss treatment, one can easily resort to a transplantation surgery. But there are many people who are afraid of surgical processes and wish to get hair growth through medication only.
Such people can go for PRP treatment, which is a medical treatment to regain hair growth.

PRP Therapy: Introduction

PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) is a non-surgical hair treatment in which a person’s blood is taken out from his/her arm, processed and then injected into the scalp where there is a hair fall condition leading to baldness. This process must be performed by the best hair specialist after through diagnosis for safer and better results.
The following steps are followed in the PRP therapy-
Step 1- Firstly, your blood is drawn out (mostly from your arm) and put into a centrifuge machine.
Step 2- The centrifuge machine splits the fluids of different densities separately. So, your blood gets separated into the following-
-Platelet-poor plasma
-Platelet-rich plasma
-Red blood cells
Step 3- Out of the above three fluids, the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is drawn up into a syringe and then is injected into those areas of the scalp which needs healing or increased hair growth.
Topical anesthesia is applied on the portion of the scalp where PRP is to be injected.
When the Hair Mass Index of a person starts declining, one must plan for his/her next PRP. Ideally, a person will need to repeat the treatment after every 4-6 months for getting better results.

PRP Therapy: Who can get this therapy done?

The PRP therapy is very sensitive and it cannot be carried out on people with a disease, allergy or infection. A person is not eligible for this therapy-

  1. If he/she has a chronic liver/skin disease or is a diabetic.
  2. If one is a heavy smoker or heavy alcoholic
  3. One having a low platelet count or suffering from platelet dysfunction syndromes.
  4. If one has hemodynamic instability, hypofibrinogenemia, metabolic disorder, systematic disorder.
  5. if one is on blood thinning medications


This therapy is mainly used is very useful for those who do not want to go for a hair transplant surgery. It is a non-surgical, time saving procedure (20-40 minutes for multiple injections) with safety and quick recovery.
Moreover, the results that one is going to get from the PRP therapy are very natural.
If you are looking for a medication based/non-surgical option for coping up with hair loss, then Platelet-rich-Plasma therapy is definitely the best option you may go for.

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