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PRP Method to Control Hair Loss and Generate Hair Regrowth

As we all know modern-day problems require a modern-day solution, and the same applies to the issue of hair fall, baldness, and hair thinning. There are various hair regrowth solutions available in the market since ancient times ranging from hair oils, massage oils, oral medicines, and hormonal injections. However, hair transplant emerged as one of the best solutions from above all. However, there are various hair transplant techniques such as Follicle Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE), or Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy (PRP).  

In order to put a stop to this hair fall and baldness problem, among other hair transplant techniques, PRP has emerged as one of the most favorable treatments providing exemplary results to the patient. 

Potential Factors Leading to Hair Loss

Let us first understand what are the major reasons that are responsible for hair loss? Well, the sudden changes that have come in our lifestyle prove to be a major factor responsible for the hair loss problem. These lifestyle changes incorporating high-stress levels, unhealthy eating practices, contaminated water, and food intake, hormonal changes, use of excessive hair products, or demographic changes as well leads to the thinning and falling of hair un-timely. 

What is Plasma Rich Platelet Method? 

Well, before we proceed forward to explain what is PRP let us tell you that plasma is a part of our blood. It is a yellow fluid which helps in clotting after we get a wound in order to stop the bleeding and save our life. This plasma is known to have growth factors as well as anti-inflammatory agents, which can regenerate tissues (In-vivo conditions) as per scientific research. 

This is where plasma made its way into the cosmetic field as now is used for hair regrowth/regenerating scalp hairs. In order to separate plasma from blood, it underwent a process of centrifugation.

PRP for hair loss is a three-stage process. In the first stage, the blood of the patient is taken out in order to extract the plasma. In the second step, this plasma is then processed medically and converted into a PRP injection. 

In the third step which is the final step, these ‘Plasma-rich platelets’ are then injected into the scalp for hair regrowth purpose.  

PRP Method in Detail to Control Hair Loss and Generate Hair Regrowth : 

1.     Scalp preparing: 

This process of treatment is associated with the micro-needling procedure which is known for providing maximum benefit. In the process of micro-needling, a special instrument is used known as ‘micro-needling pen’ which has multiple numbers of fine needles in it. This pen is used to puncture the scalp of the patient in the area with less hair.

The surgeon needs to extremely skilled while using the process of micro-needling since this pen is spring-loaded which automatically punctures the scalp in a repeated motion working exactly like a vibrating stamp used in offices. That is why it is always advised to visit renowned hair transplant clinics and conduct background research before investing your hard-earned money. Only a skilled practitioner can guide the pen over the scalp of the patient in a wilful manner assuring that no part remains untouched and gets covered with long shiny hairs in the future. The needles used in a micro-needing pen are disposable, which means once used they will be disposed-off in order to eliminate any risk of infection to the patients.

2.     PRP preparation:

Before step one is in process, the PRP injection has been already prepared via centrifuging the blood of the patient and further processing it in a clinical environment as per the requirement. As we all know once the process starts there is no going back so the doctors cannot afford to delay the process of injecting the PRP in the scalp of the patient.

Generally, the PRP which is injected in the scalp of a patient is derived from their blood which makes it a natural product with no side effect. One’s plasma cannot react with their own body is the sole motive behind extracting plasma from the patient.

This is the reason why these plasma-rich platelets are not derived from animals because people with hypersensitive reactions would show patterns of side-effect affecting the hair regrowth method adversely. 

This aspect of deriving it from one’s blood makes PRP method a cheaper one as compared to other hair transplant processes

3.     PRP injected into the scalp: 

After the process of micro-needling, the activated PRP which is prepared in advance is then injected directly on the affected areas of the scalp. This is done by using a needle which is when injected penetrated deep down into the scalp reaching the roots of the hair. 

PRP injecting process is not a time taking process instead it approximately takes 30 minutes, in the case when the treatment area/baldness-patch is quite large on the scalp. 

4.     Application of anti-inflammatory gel on the scalp:

After the PRP injection process is completed, the doctor immediately applies an anti-inflammatory product on the scalp of the patient for soothing the immediate sensations and pain caused during the procedure. This soothing gel protects the scalp from getting infection or damage until new hair regrows on the affected area.

Thus, it has been observed that there are a large number of hair transplant procedures available in the market but the PRP method is one of the most viable, less time consuming, and comfortable processes in terms of no side-effects. The risk of exposure towards infection is also zero since the tools used in this process works upon the mechanism of ‘one-time use and throw!’ 

People opting for PRP methods have shown more positive results in very less time as compared to other processes. 

PRP technique is a very new and innovative method and it is rare to find clinics that provide a patient with this facility for controlling hair loss and generate hair regrowth. Since the PRP injection is inserted directly into the roots of hair it not only ensured hair regrowth but less hair fall/hair loss also in the future.

However, Jaipur (the pink city of India) has emerged as a new hub for hair transplant with expert surgeons who exhibit the infrastructure facilities of conducting hair regrowth treatment via PRP methods. 

It is not wrong to say that hair doctor in Dr. Hair India are extremely skilled with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field (hair-transplant) and thousands of successful case histories.

So, if you are also looking for a quick hair regrowth remedy in exchange for value for money, the PRP method is just for you!    

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