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Don’t Let Your Bald Look Be The Reason For Embarrassment! Go For Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is a common issue in the present scenario that can be observed among people belonging to every age group. It is a condition that leads a person to depression, loneliness, and embarrassment. Hairfall, hair thinning, or baldness is prevalent due to increased change in lifestyle, resulting in different baldness condition. The stressful environment in the present times is yet another reason for increased hair loss.

Hair thinning and baldness can be caused due to hormonal imbalance, and PCOD is a common reason among females for the same. Hair specialist doctors in Jaipur provide a solution to the problems of hair loss after understanding the cause and severity of hair loss.

Alopecia is a condition of losing hair strands and its variants leave the scalp in baldness in patches. This condition is usually associated with males, but it is being increasingly observed among females too. It is one of the reasons where people isolate themselves and avoid social gatherings to save themselves from embarrassment and being bullied.

Hair loss leads one to lose self-confidence and leave them with low self-esteem. This is a condition that leads people to depression and anxiety. The reason could be anything for hair loss, be it is heredity or side-effect of some medication, but the advancement in medical science has led to many solutions for this problem and one such sure solution is getting a hair transplant.

At Dr.Hair India, we understand the gravity of this condition and provide our patients with the best and sure solutions to help them be confident and stay healthy. It is a common practice at our clinics to assure the quality of services with utmost satisfaction among our patients. A patient is examined to understand the reason for hair loss and suggested solutions accordingly. Hair transplantation is one such sure way of mitigating the problem of hair loss and have a head full of healthy natural-looking hair.

Hair transplant is a procedure where the healthy hair follicles immune to hair loss are taken and transplanted to the areas of the scalp that is losing hair. There are many latest hair transplant techniques that are offered by Dr.Hair India under the guidance of a team of expert surgeons and medical practitioners.

Take a look at different hair transplant methods that can be used to save you from the embarrassment of bald look –  

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – This is a modern technique that uses follicular unit extraction method, which allows taking off groups of hair follicles by making small incisions. These are implanted by making small holes in the scalp. It is quite popular way of hair transplant at the present time.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – In this method of hair transplant, healthy hair follicles of good quality are selected and taken into strips to be implanted at bald areas of the scalp. This method is more suitable for wide areas of baldness. As strips are used in this method, it causes the least damage to the scalp and more effective in term of longevity. Yet another advantage of this method of hair transplant is that it gives a more natural look than any other method.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – This method of hair transplant is used for thinning hair or where hair follicles recede. As the name suggests, this technique uses blood platelets rich in plasma protein, which are responsible for the growth of stem cells and other cells in the area around a hair follicle. These platelets are then injected into the patient with hair loss issues, resulting in therapeutic treatment of the body. This ultimately results in hair loss control and hair growth in the person.
  • Direct hair Transplant (DHT) – It is the most advanced and progressive technique for hair transplant in which hair follicles are removed with very precision. These are then implanted in the scalp using a single-use implanter. The implanter gives the surgeon control over direction, angle, and depth while placing the follicle. It provides a maximum survival rate of a hair follicle and it is a pain-free, no scarring and stitching, and fast recovery method of hair transplant.

You don’t have to live with the condition of hair loss, a bald scalp, patchy scalp, or distantly placed thin hair revealing the scalp. Hair loss is a genetic condition in the present times. You don’t have to be stressed about it and look out for the right solutions. A holistic solution to the problem of hair loss is the right choice.

It is common for a person to lose 80-100 strands of hair in a day, but they barely go noticed. It is difficult for people to identify hair loss at the beginning stage until the consequence of the same is easily visible. What happens at this point is indulging in home remedies or other self-treatments, which do not show such positive results and worsen the hair loss condition over time.

It is suggested to see a doctor well in time and work out for the probable reasons for hair loss. Right medication and treatment at the right time will save you from the damage caused to your reputation because of baldness and hair loss. Dr.Hair India offers its hair transplant services in Jaipur to help you resolve hair loss issues. You don’t need to live with the shame because of hair loss and avoid social meetings. Live a confident and stress-free life by leaving your problems of hair loss in the hands of medical practitioners at Dr.Hair India.

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