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Cost Of Hair Transplant In India

History of premature balding in Indian men and actually in all the men is a worrying reality. Sadly, most people who are confronted with bald patches or a receding hairline resort to all kinds of home remedies and quack products that offer little help. This is to let you know that we have a solution to your problem which is a reliable, safe and inexpensive solution which is “hair transplant”. Hair transplant is the procedure in which surgery is done under anesthesia as all other surgeries are done.

The popularity of hair transplant surgery is growing day by day. It is because of the fact that a large number of people are suffering from baldness and increased hair fall these days because of numerous reasons. Hair loss leads to making people upset and having a low level of confidence. They keep hiding from friends and colleagues or try to hide it by wearing a hat to hide their head and thinning hair. If you are suffering from hair loss, you can visit Dr. Hair India– hair transplant clinic in Jaipur & get the best hair plantation in a short time after the proper consultation.

While many of us want to enhance their look by going for a hair transplant technique when it comes to hair transplant cost many of us take a step backward. A few decades ago, people use to look at hair transplants as a ‘mysterious procedure’ and most people viewed it with a lot of skepticism because they were unaware of how much doesn’t it cost and how it is done and other things related to the surgery. They assumed that the amount will be way beyond their budget. A common misconception about hair transplant cost in India is that it’s too costly. The cost of hair transplant deters a lot of patients from considering one. However, if one does the quick math, it will ring him why a hair transplant is really worth it. India is considered to be among the popular destination to get hair transplant surgery done with good quality, having hair transplants in India can save you a lot of money and is not costly as it is anywhere else. Many people might think that it has cheaper price ranges, the quality might not be the best, but the truth India has excellent quality hair transplants.

The cost of hair transplant for a single strand of hair in the international clinics is 5 $ (meaning approx. Rs 300). The cost of a hair transplant in India usually starts at Rs 65,000. Every clinic has its own sheet for charging the money but it is charged on the basis of a number of grafts. The total cost of the surgery will depend on the amount of hair to be transplanted on the scalp of the patient, the follicles required, the procedure chosen for the procedure and operating surgeon. But one thing is sure that it will be way less than what it would cost you in any other part of the world. The techniques used for hair transplants at Dr. Hair India are best-in-class and offer effective results.

Hair transplant methods in India has reduced because of modern hair restoration techniques introduced in India. Almost all the clinics are now using new technologies which are lessening the cost of hair transplant. This makes it possible for the Indian hair transplant clinics to offer reasonable hair transplant package to let everyone get hair transplants easily and cost-effectively.

The procedure of the hair transplant is flexible, simple and offers exceptional results. Post-surgery, the patient’s hair will look natu

ral and fuller both adding to the confidence level of the person. Here is how you can expect hair growth after hair transplant.

Our cosmetic surgeon carries out the procedure keeping in mind that the patient should get the satisfying and expected results with natural hairline.

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