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Begin Your New Year with New Hairs

Happy New Year 2021! May your new year bring a smile to your face!

But what about your hair? Why start your new year with baldness? Well, hair is an important part of your personality and they need attention too! This New Year Say no to hair-fall, baldness, bald patches or receding hairline and yes to a hair transplant.

We have seen many people kicking off their new year with various types of resolutions such as, going to the gym and adopting healthy eating habits and many more. New Year resolutions are inspired by the concept of ‘Self-love’ and the phrase “New year. New Me”! 

So, why not get a hair transplant this year? Gift yourself the best present in the form of long, slinky, voluminous hair, grabbing the attention of everyone.     

Every problem has a solution and so does your hair fall. You might have heard about various types of hair fall treatments available in the market, capable of altering your personality via altering your hairstyle 360 degrees. So, why to wait and feel bad about a problem that can be taken care of effectively?

You might be having doubts regarding hair fall treatment, is safe or not, how much it cost or is it safe in corona times or not? We have curated answers to all your queries and why you should pamper yourself with new hairs this year 2021. Read below:

  1. Is hair-transplant a suitable option for me?

Yes, hair transplant is a suitable option for every healthy male and female looking forward to improving their personality with beautiful hair. Hair transplant works like a magic wand which fills your scalp with a new set of shiny hair.

  1. FUT vs FUE: 

These are the two best hair-fall treatment methods, available in the market namely Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Now you might be confused between these two and which one is suitable for you?

Well, FUT or ‘strip surgery’ is a process in which the hair transplant surgeon extracts a strip of skin from your scalp containing healthy hair follicles and transplants it on the recipient or affected area. This process involves mini-sutures for completing the surgery.

Whereas, in FUE the surgeon extracts individual hair follicles and transplant it on the recipient site of the scalp with the help of micro tools. The selection between FUT and FUE entirely depends upon the baldness pattern of a person.  

  1. Is it safe in Corona time?

Getting a hair transplant in this pandemic is safe only if you visit a reputed and ‘high on the sanitary standard’ clinic. A little research needs to be done regarding the sanitisation policy of the clinic to check whether they are abiding by the corona guidelines or not! According to many reports, the ill-effects of Corona can be felt for the next three years or more. So, why to wait? Life will go on, so get a hair transplant from a safer hair clinic now and look your best.

  1. Hair transplant covers full head or patches only?

It works both ways. Hair transplant can cover hair patches and in some cases, it can go beyond too, but it takes comparatively more sitting with the hair surgeon than the previous one.

  1. How much time does it take to recover? Is it a long process?

It entirely depends upon the healing capacity of a person. However, it takes 8 hours for surgery and one day rest is recommended to the patient. A person can resume their normal life afterwards.

  1. Is hair-transplant a costly process?

The hair restoration cost in India varies from city-to-city. The price range starts from 30,000 Rupees and varies up to 1,50,000 Rupees. It all depends upon the severity of the hair fall.

  1. Will my hair look natural?

Absolutely! The transplanted hair looks natural however the after-care plays a crucial role in deciding the health of the hair.

  1. Will it leave any scars on my scalp?

No, hair transplant does not leave any scars. The initial scars fade away naturally and become untraceable.

  1. How to choose the best hair surgeon?

Hair transplant is a crucial decision of life hence one must consider the hair surgeon who has an ample amount of experience in the field and runs a reputed clinic with skilled staff. If you are in Jaipur, one such place where you can get a safe hair transplant during Corona is ‘Dr Hair India’ clinic, run by the renowned hair transplant specialist Dr Jai Basal.

Hair transplant is the one-stop solution for baldness and all types of hair fall problems. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get an appointment for hair transplant! This new year, it will be a new you. Welcome your new year with new hair!

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