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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Hair Transplant

Hair loss and baldness is not a new problem faced by anyone in our society. In one of the survey it has been identified that baldness has affected one-third of the population of white men (age under 30) and is increasing at an alarming rate in India too. Even Bollywood has made movies to enlighten the issues baldness brings with itself and how a bald person becomes the topic of gossip and is mocked by everyone in society.

We have often seen people suffering from baldness and even after trying many homemade remedies and artificial remedies such as medications, nothing could work positively for them. Losing hair can be the biggest nightmare for a person, and they can do anything to make this hair fall problem or pattern of baldness go back to normal.

This issue of receding hairline and baldness has motivated the patients of the 21st century to seek help from the hair transplant clinics in order to restore their beautiful hair.

However opting for hair transplant is still a big task for people since they have no clue about how it is done, and are worried about various questions like is it safe or not, can it bring me back my fluffy hair on my head or is it just a waste of money? Well, let us try to understand the top 5 things everyone gets wrong before getting a hair transplant and try to resolve their queries.

1)  How it is done? Well,  it is the first area of query and hardly a few people have a clue about how hair transplantation works. There is nothing like they sow some seeds and it grows on your head. It has a full procedure in which hair is transferred from an area of your body that has hair or is unaffected by hair loss problems. This area is known as ‘donor area’. There are two major hair transplant procedures namely Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation: Here the hair transplant doctor would remove a strip of tissues from the selected donor area and then make individual follicular units from it by cutting these strips into pieces. These tiny units are then grafted on the head of a bald person for which his scalp is scraped a little. This process does leave a little scarring.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction: In this process, the doctor directly extracts the individual hair follicles from the donor area which is mostly the backside of the neck and then transplanted on the head directly via a special micro surgical needle.

2) It costs a big fortune, is it worth it that much? Well before deciding the cost, one must look at the procedure, skills it requires, precision for conducting the process, quality of the clinic, and the end results it provides. Hair transplant is a process which is open for everyone and provides good end result. It is less time taking and provides 100% results in exchange for a little fortune (approximately £1000 to £3000). The cost of a hair transplant procedure entirely depends on the number of grafts a person gets. We can say that in hair transplants, the money is well invested not wasted.

3) It’s a deadly and painful process:  Well as they say ‘no pain no gain’ however if you have approached a good hair transplant clinic the doctors will inject you with a numbing injection so there will be no excruciating pain as you have heard in the rumors. Everyone in the room is skilled enough to complete their task with 100% efficiency. However, after two hours you might feel a little bit of swelling on your face and eyes which is normal and it will go away slowly. Hence hair transplant is the most viable option one can adopt and feel their long silky hair while they move their finger on their head.

4) Hair transplant cannot be done before a particular age:  Well, clearly it’s a myth! Anyone who is an adult and is suffering from receding hairline or baldness can go for a hair transplant, as it has nothing to do with the age of a person. Many celebrities opted for hair transplant at a very young age and never have to visit the clinic a second time. However, it is said by some that in order to attain the full benefit of hair transplantation wait till your hair falling problem becomes stable or your hairline becomes stable otherwise there might be a chance that you might need to revisit your hair transplant doctor’s clinic soon for another session. It can be said that it all varies from person to person and how his body reacts to the hair transplant process.

5) Abroad is the best place for getting a hair transplant: Plenty of people plan and head overseas just to get a hair transplant thinking it’s the best place to get their hair back and underestimate their own country. Well, it’s a misconception that any foreign country especially Turkey is the best place for getting hair transplantation. The real reason behind this approach of people is that the process is cheaper there but it’s like playing with your life. Since the majority of people end up getting their hair transplant surgery done by an amateur nurse or a technician. Instead, we suggest you stay in India as we are a growing hub for skilled hair transplant clinics with hair specialist doctors having high expertise in the same domain.    

So, if you have a receding hairline or baldness, be it due to genetic factors or due to some other reasons, hair transplant can be your ultimate solution. There are a lot of myths associated with hair transplant but only an expert could help in unveiling the curtains of rumors. There are many hair specialist doctors in India willing to help people suffering from hair loss.

If you live in Jaipur and looking for the best hair transplant then Dr. Hair India can be your first and last resort. The world-class team of doctors, nurses, and technicians are available at your service and looking forward to giving you the gift of voluminous, fluffy hair.

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