Dr jai bansal

Best Hair Transplant Specialist in Jaipur

Feeling blue or less attractive due to hair loss? Feels like it’s the end of the world? Please don’t be bogged down. Dr Jai Bansal brings you a permanent solution in the form of ‘hair transplant’. Dr Hair India Clinic is one of the elite and renowned names in the hair transplant and cosmetic-surgery field in Jaipur run by Dr Bansal (hair treatment doctor). Dr Bansal is a master of FUT and FUE hair transplant method.

Dr Bansal is known as the best hair transplant specialist in Jaipur because he not only ensures to provide a safe and painless hair loss treatment with no side effects but can treat hair loss from the root level. He holds an experience of 10+ years with 2000+ successful hair surgeries, which is way more than any other hair doctor. Dr Bansal is revolutionising the hair transplant field with a motto of ‘covering every scalp with hair’.

Dr Bansal provides pre-surgery counselling, works on the hairline designing of the patients, and post-surgery check-ups. He also has a team of skilled technical staff. Dr Bansal strictly abides by the “government’s Corona guidelines”, ensuring the safety of the patients in this pandemic.

Dr Jai Bansal will fill your scalp with new hair, without causing a hole in your pocket along with reliable and long-lasting results.

Dr. Jai Bansal- Hair Transplant Surgeon

“Everyday waking up with a bunch of hair on a pillow” can shake the confidence of anyone, but hair transplant works as a miraculous solution for this hair loss problem. Dr Jai Bansal (hair transplant surgeon) is a highly respected name when it comes to hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries. He runs a renowned hair transplant clinic named Dr Hair India situated in Mansarovar, Jaipur.
Dr Bansal has experience of 10+ years and treating more than 5000+ patients across India. He is one of the best hair transplant surgeons with a record of more than 2000+ successful hair transplant surgeries. His high success rate paves his path towards being the best hair transplant surgeon.
Dr Bansal is all set on the course of reforming the hair transplant industry with his years of experience and team of skilled technical staff.

Specialisation: Dr Jai Bansal is highly praised for his expertise in high-quality FUE and FUT work, making him the top hair specialist in Jaipur. He holds a hand of steel capable of providing 97% results (hair survival rate) for hair transplant for men and women both. Dr Bansal serves in various other domains as well mentioned below:
1. Hair treatment: Direct hair implant, Hair fall treatment, FUT, FUE, Hair restoration surgery, Laser hair regrowth, Platelet-rich plasma therapy, and Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP).

2. Laser treatment: Anti-ageing treatment, carbon laser peel, laser hair removal, laser photo facial, skin rejuvenation, and tattoo removal.

3. Maxillofacial and aesthetic treatment: Acne scar treatment, aesthetic blepharoplasty, chemical peels, cosmetic rhinoplasty, ear lobe repair, lip shaping, and Rhytidectomy (facelift)

About the team
Dr Jai Bansal has a team of expert doctors and skilled technical staff. The team is well-trained in handling all types of medical cases. The team personally looks after the patient and is dedicated to its work. Dr Bansal’s team ensures that the patient is not left on the ‘mercy of God’, and is taken care at all moments.

What makes us top hair fall doctor in Jaipur

There is a saying “Success doesn’t happen overnight, you need to sweat hard for it!” Same is the case with Dr Jai Bansal who runs a clinic named Dr Hair India. He did not become a hair transplant wizard in a blink-of-an-eye instead it took him 10+ years of experience and dedication in the field of hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries. Dr Bansal personally looks into pre and post-surgery counselling, and the hair designing of the patients.

Dr Bansal gained expertise in every type of hair fall treatment technique and cosmetic surgeries in line with the latest technological advancement and innovation. His success report says it all : 2000+ successful hair transplants, 5000+ patients treated across India. 

Another thing that makes Dr Hair India a renowned clinic name is that one can get easy access to the remedy of all hair and cosmetic problems under one roof. The team of skilled and well-trained doctors, as well as, the technical staff played a crucial role in the success of Dr Hair India. The diligence shown by Dr Bansal to reach every person suffering from a hair loss with a remedy makes him a top hair fall doctor in Jaipur. Contact us for Best Hair Transplant In Jaipur Now