About Us

The Dr. Hair India is acclaimed for introducing the adoption of high-quality FUE and FUT in the Jaipur. We have adopted the FUE and FUT procedure extensively to provide excellent quality, organic and reliable results for men and women. The procedure is performed by the dedicated team which is lead by Dr. Jai Bansal. They extract all the follicles to ensure the best outcomes possible for every patient. The Dr. Hair Clinic is the only clinic in the Jaipur to specialize in the Follicular hair Treatment technology in Jaipur. As we proudly say that hair Treatments done using FUE and FUT are the latest form of follicular transfer and they last for long. It is a highly technical, non-invasive procedure with remarkable and natural-looking results.

Dr. Jai Bansal has an experience of more than 8 years. Dr. Jai Bansal has an incredible experience of treating more than 5000 patient across India and the UK with 6000+ cosmetic results and 5000+ hair results including more than 2000 hair surgeries. Dr. Hair India is involved in many aspects of hair Treatment surgery and hair transplant in Jaipur.

Why Choose Us


We at Dr. Hair India are an independent company that works for the client and not for the clinic. Dr. Hair offers the quickest and most convenient hair Treatment surgery using the Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT) method of harvesting donor hair. This method allows huge numbers of grafts to be harvested and placed within a single surgical session (“mega sessions”).

We at Dr. hair, hair Treatment clinic also offers Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) which is a better but slower and painless method of extraction and circumvents a linear scar. Large sessions in FUE treatment can be achieved over multiple sessions, mostly over the space of 2 days. No matter which method is used to harvest the donor grafts, implantation depends on The Doctors’ experience, knowledge, skills, and techniques to achieve satisfying results.

We decoded the recipe of success for the Hair Treatment procedure including Quality of Grafts, Survival of graft and Alignment of grafts. We talk about grafts because not all hair grafts are not of the same quality, and some don’t survive for a longer period. So here we focus on the survival of the grafts n count of the grafts. The majority of clinics promise a higher number of grafts per surgery, to achieve more dense hair. The majority of clinics promise a higher number of grafts per surgery, to achieve more dense hair. In reality, density will depend highly on the number of grafts surviving after the operation. We promise a 97% hair survival rate in both FUE and FUT techniques. These are the best survival rates in India. The hair on the head grows in various directions. So along with the density, we also focus on the direction of the hair and we make sure that, they look natural from every view. For this, we employ a set of imaging software’s, to understand the hair inclination requirements.


Our Doctors and Client Care Consultants accumulate more than 10 years of experience in hair Treatmentation. Doctors have been working across India and the UK for the past 10 years treating more than 2000 patients and achieving incredible results. This adds greatly to our expertise as we can benefit from our previous experiences.


Our dedicated Doctors are capable of recreating nature by restoring your hair. The FUE and FUT technique has completely changed the hair Treatment world and opened the way to great-looking natural hair. We build our reputation on the satisfaction of our clients. That’s why we pride ourselves on honest tests and consultations and personalized solutions designed to treat and stop hair loss.

Dr. Hair India is the hair transplant clinic in Jaipur cares about your hair and the results you get and will follow through with you on your journey of hair Treatmentation with us, making your FUE a pleasant unforgettable experience which is worth.