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We have all heard of laser hair removal treatment which is trending from past few years, many of us have

We have all heard of laser hair removal treatment which is trending from past few years, many of us have undergone it, and there many who either needs it or want to go with its procedure. So, before going for anything all of us do a research about the treatment and it is even important to do homework so that when you undergo it you know what’s being done with your skin.


So, for that the first things you should know is, what is Laser hair removal treatment? It is a treatment processing the removal of unwanted hair on your skin. To remove the unwanted hair a concentrated beam of light (laser) is used.

All of you who are tired of wasting time in waxing, threading and plucking can get this done whenever without causing any damage to your skin. Now we will read about the types, advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal treatment.

Types of laser treatments

Diode:The diode laser treatment is considered to be effective for both, light and dark skin.

Alexandrite:This laser treatment is the quickest of all and shows the best results for the treatment on larger part of the body for the patients who have light-to-olive complexions.

Nd:YAG:This is a long pulse laser hair removal treatment which is safe for all the skin types, including tanned skin. It effects a little less for light or normal hair as compared to other types of laser treatment.

Benefits of hair removal

There are minimal side effects of this treatment and in most of the case there are to side effect but if in unusual cases it is seen then they do not last for more days.

It is cost effective as when you get you laser hair removal treatment done, you won’t have to spend again and again on the wax treatments, razors or any hair removal procedure.

It is a painless procedure. Unlike threading and waxing you don’t feel the pain of ingrown hair.

You are free from thinking about hair growth, waxing, plucking etc.

The time of the treatment is quick so you don’t have to spend much time on the procedure. The time differs according to the area for treatment.

More than 90% patients achieve hair loss in 3-7 sitting only.

Demerits of hair removal

It takes time. As in, you will not see the results overnight, so you have to wait for 3-7 sitting to see the complete hair loss.

You cannot get this procedure done on a tanned skin. Be it natural or fake.

It is something not suitable to everyone. So, generally the people who gets it done are those who really need it or have enough money to spend on it.