FUT ( Folicular Unit Transplntation )

FUT Hair Transplant Treatment

“The strip method has endured as the most tried and true technique for hair transplantation. Even today with a variety of options available to patient and surgeon, the strip procedure can be a ‘best fit’ for a variety of patients.” FUT is a more traditional surgical method commonly known as “The Strip Method” which uses a linear piece of scalp to foster hair re-growth in balding areas.


  • Ideal for Patients-
  • Who have High Grade of baldness.
  • Who require High Density Hair Transplantation.
  • Who have Grey Hairs.
  • For Female Baldness ( Does not require shaving of scalp).
  • Also termed as strip method.
  • With F.U.T technique, more number of grafts are extracted from donor site in single session.
  • It is good for patient having high grade of baldness.
  • This technique is differ from F.U.E technique in the process of extracting hair graft. Rest of the procedure will be same as F.U.E technique.

Removal of strip- Follicular Unit Hair Transplant is also known as strip method. In this technique, a strip of skin from the back side of scalp called donor site is surgically removed. The strip is about 1cm to 1.5cm wide and 25 cm to 30cm long (ear to ear).

Closure of Donor site after removal of strip- After removal of strip, donor site is sutured back with 4/0 absorbable polyglycolic surgical suture and 4/0 non absorbable prolene surgical suture . To minimize the scar after treatment Trichophytic closure technique is used.

Trichophytic Closure Technique- To minimize the scar from the donor site in F.U.T , trichophytic closure is used at the time of suturing the donor site. With the trichophytic closure, one of the wound edges (upper or lower) allows edges to overlap each other and the hair to grow directly through the donor scar.

Dissecting the strip into follicular units (graft)- This is most important step in F.U.T technique. To avoid damage of hair graft while dissecting, dissection is done under high magnification microscopes.

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FUT Hair Transplant